Friday, December 19, 2014

Fun Friday (Christmas Edition)

It’s been a busy week.  I’ve been putting in extra hours at work, which has left no extra time for blogging.  It’s barely left any extra time for anything else either, but hey…

Now it’s Friday, so the weekend has begun.

Regular blogging will resume sometime after the holidays, since I’ve taken a good amount of time off from work.  There hasn’t been much to talk about anyway, but I anticipate things picking up soon.

So anyway, here are some Fun Friday Christmas-y type photos.

And I’m probably going to Hell for this one:

Definitely for this one:

Merry Christmas and all that.  See y’all sometime...

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I’m Really (Not) Lazy

But Carl is.

I wanted to be here yesterday.  I just couldn’t.  I was out for jury duty on Monday, remember?

After waiting around in a courtroom all day, I never got picked.  No big deal, but it was a wasted day.

I came back to work yesterday and things were hopping.  My day actually started at TotalCyclist, but things went downhill from there.  I’m really busy today too, but I thought I should at least make an appearance so y’all don’t forget about me.

Nothing real excited has happened around here.  Our Tuesday Night Social Ride was cancelled due to shitty weather.  I was tired, but it would have been nice to hang out with the locals and ride at a nice and easy pace.  I haven’t been around many of my mountain biking pals in a while, and honestly, I miss it.  I have been around a few people though, which has a little to do with my “other” hobby.

The little lady and I went out to Hickory last Saturday night to see some friends play some live music.  It was a nice evening, and it left me wanting to get my ass up on a stage and perform.  I’m not sure if I’m ready for all that, but I do have an invite when I am.  I discussed this opportunity with my guitar teacher on Monday and he was all for it. 


I’m nervous just thinking about it.

I think I’ll sneak out somewhere to play at first without telling anyone.  Once I get that out of the way, maybe I’ll let some people know.  I’m not that great at playing guitar, but I would probably do okay.  Pressure of that magnitude is probably the last thing I need right now though.

So yeah, that’s pretty much it for today.  Tomorrow’s post may or may not be better, but I’m pretty sure I will be here at least.  With the Christmas holiday fast approaching, all I’m trying to do right now is get through the week.  Well, that and make final plans for a trip to Arizona.  More on that another time I guess.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Fun Friday

Yes my friends, it’s Friday again.  Since I’ve been home for a little while I’m finally in the Christmas spirit.  We finished decorating the inside of the house and I only have a few more things to do on the outside.  I like putting up lights and all that, because it does a lot to help me feel all Christmas-y.  I guess that stuff is “fun.”

So, today’s Fun Friday post will be all about Christmas. 

In addition to the house, we also decorated one of the cats.

Grumpy Cat does not like your Christmas.

And speaking of cats, I found this little gem out on The Internets:

While I was down in Georgia, I visited a friend of mine from way back in the day.  He (and his family) just relocated to the Atlanta area so it made sense to stop by.  We go way back, and one of the main things we have in common is our love for Star Wars.  So I snapped a picture at his house that made me happy.

 Yeah, I dig that. 

That’s it for today.  No reason to go all out on Fun Friday.  You’re already thinking about the weekend so I don’t want to hold you up.  Get the hell out of here and I’ll see you next week.

Not Monday though.  I won’t be here.  I’ve been summoned to Jury Duty, which does nothing for my Christmas Spirit.

See y’all Tuesday unless I end up at the courthouse all week.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Glad To Be Back

To normal, or whatever “normal” is supposed to be anyway.  I was gone for a week, and the temptation to stop blogging was so great that I almost didn’t resume this crap and nonsense.  I’m sure only a select few would miss the stuff I post (almost) every day, but I’m not doing it for them.  I do this for me.  You know, so I can remember what the hell I’ve been doing (or like to pretend I’ve been doing.)

I like posting this stuff.  I also like having a break.  The break from work was the biggest benefit of my trip to Georgia, but not having to spew out shit on The Internets was a close second.  I guess that’s all I have about my trip out of town, with the exception of some “new” beer I found while I was away.

Hoplanta, by Red Brick Brewery, was a beer I “discovered” when I popped into a local grocery store upon my arrival to The Peach State.  I had some in my hotel room all week and thoroughly enjoyed it.  After my ride at Blankets Creek on Friday, I went to visit an old friend of mine who recently relocated to GA, and when I told him about this fine brew he promptly bought me more to take back home.  I’ve had some every night since my return, and once I run out hopefully I can get some more soon. 

I don’t know if they sell it here locally, but I need to find out soon.  Or else there will another trip down I-85 in the near future.  It’s good stuff.

In other news (while I was away), I received something in the mail from my pal D-Wayne.  He’d been working on a jersey design for our little scattered band of single speed misfits, and they shipped out while I was gone.  I are excite, because now I am an official Single Speed AssAssin.

The jersey is awesome.  I know Eastwood talked about his da udda day, but I just got mine so I thought I should talk about it too.  There are a few of us here in the Charlotte area that have them, so look for it on a trail, a local brewery, or maybe even a race.  Are we a “real” team?  No, but we play one on The Internets.

Lastly, it’s the Christmas season.  It was hard for me to get  into the “spirit” since I was away in another state, but now that I’m back it’s full bore.  If you like to decorate and all that, hit me up and I’ll put you in touch with Little Miss Sunshine so she can get you some one of a kind, handmade decorations made from recycled bicycle parts.

Like this wreath on our front door:

That’s definitely the largest of the stuff she makes, but she has much, much more.  You know you want some, and I know I want you to buy some.  If she makes some extra money off of this stuff, I get extra presents. 

I kid.  I don’t need anything.

Srsly, you know you want some handmade cycling decorations to impress you cycling friends.

And…I’m out.  Tomorrow it’s back to Fun Friday.  I’m glad to be back.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

All Road And No Dirt?

Did I ride on the road every day after my class in Georgia?  Just about.  It was sorta like Groundhog Day.  Wake up, eat breakfast, go to class, get out with just enough daylight to put in road miles, search for food, play my guitars, drink beer(s), and fall asleep (sorta.) 


Every day was the same, so I won’t bore you with the details.  Well, except for Friday.  We got out of class early, so I drove across the northern part of the state over to Blankets Creek, a trail I’d heard good things about from many different people.

Sure, I thought it would be a great place to ride, but it didn't matter.  After spending four days in a row on the road all I cared about was riding in some dirt.  One look at the map though, I knew I’d be in for a fun day.

Brace yourselves, there are a lot of photos of my bike leaning against stuff.

Some of the trails there are directional depending on the day of the week.  Luckily, they made it idiot proof (they must’ve known I’d be there.)

And they like making signs.

While I was riding, I was pleasantly surprised.  The trails had a familiar feel, almost like some of our local stuff, with a little bit of Warrior Creek thrown in.

The climbs weren’t bad, but there was some elevation.

And it wasn’t all smooth.  There were rocks.

I had the place mostly to myself.

There were lots of “alternate” lines along the way.  Being that I was unfamiliar with this new (to me) trail, I made sure to take the most difficult ones when faced with a choice.

I was rewarded with fun (and neat signs.)

I tried to get a photo of me riding off of one of the drops, but it didn’t work out so well.

Did I mention that there were neat signs everywhere?  Yes, I did.

That one I took because my cousin was in the 10th Mountain Division (and a veteran of this current conflict.)

The trail was rad.  Worth the drive down there all the way from Charlotte?  Probably.  I was in the area so it was convenient.  I’d definitely go back, and hopefully bring a crew of locals with me.  The folks at SORBA Woodstock did a great job.  I mean, a real good job.  Nice facilities at the trail head, tons of good trail work, and of course (I almost forgot to mention) FEATURES!

I also need to mention the skills area I guess.  It was pretty cool.

I will definitely go back to Blankets Creek.  Even if it’s not while I’m on a “business trip.”  Although I’m down to mix business with pleasure.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I Didn’t Want To Come Back Here

I spent seven days in the Atlanta area for a training class (for work.)  In a way, it was like a vacation.  I didn’t have to work all week, I didn’t have to deal with the commute to/from work, and so on…

It was nice to be away from that, in that respect I didn’t want to come back.  I missed my family though (including the pets), and I missed my daily routine.  When I was down there in a hotel for the week I had tons of free time (other than being in class), but having no schedule made me feel all weird.  I don’t do well with idle time usually, but I think I made the most of it.  I brought two guitars, and in the evenings I disturbed my neighbors with songs and countless “practice.”  I also brought two bikes, hoping that I would get a chance to ride while I was in a different state. 

We got out of class with almost two hours of daylight left each day.  With the shitty Atlanta-area traffic, I didn’t have time to drive to a trail to ride in the dirt.  So I opted to take my road bike out, starting in the city of Norcross.

My hotel was on some sort of main drag, but back roads were easily accessible.  Although I didn’t do much pre-route planning, I knew there was a business park close by that was sure to be free of heavy traffic.  I was right.  I rode a few miles in there, hitting the hills and actually enjoying being on the road.  It didn’t take long to get bored though, since I was kinda going in circles.  I cut out and hit a bike path, which eventually led to more back roads.  I got to ride in little to no traffic…in around Atlanta no less.

Even though I had lights on my bike, I did my best to be back to the hotel each evening before it got really dark.  I didn’t want to be on foreign roads in the dark (road riding is dangerous enough in the daylight), and riding for 1 ½ to 2 hours seemed sufficient.  Since I was traveling for work, every evening ended with me searching for a place to eat.  That first night it was overpriced seafood and good (yet still overpriced) beer.

That was the plan while I was away.  I checked into the hotel late Sunday night, and I hoped to ride every night after class.  I wanted to take advantage of the free time I had, but could I last the entire week?  Even a road ride and the quest for food didn’t take up that entire first night.  I still had plenty of idle time before I had to go to bed.  I don’t know how people travel for work.  You know, the ones that do it frequently.

Would I do the same the next day?  Come back tomorrow and find out. 

I haven’t done this blogging thing for over a week.  Time to start dragging shit out again.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cold Turkey

With Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow, it's turned cold and rainy here again.  With some time off of work to ride my bike, it’s kind of like a kick in the nuts.

Or a peck to the nuts…with a beak…on a former President.  Whatever.

I’m not gonna be here tomorrow.  You won’t either.  Hell, most of you probably won’t be here today (or any other day.)  So, today is kinda like my Fun Friday.  Although I don’t get caught up in the shopping melee that is Black Friday, I won’t be here then either. 

I’m definitely thankful for that, which is the type of feels we are supposed to have for Thanksgiving.

I don’t really get into this particular holiday, so I’m sorta going with the flow here.  Even if you’re not into it either, you’re probably still gonna eat until you pop.  Sounds lovely.  Make sure you get off your ass and do something after.

And, I’m outta here.  I’ll see y’all sometime later I guess.  And by the way, bloggage will be spotty at best (if at all) next week.  I’m heading out of town for the week for some work-related stuff.  I may or may not blog while I’m gone, or I may or may not have things to talk about when I get back.

Enjoy your time away…and stuffing your fat face.