Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Another Fun Day

Since I seem to keep getting hurt riding easy stuff, I wanted a trip to the hills.  I couldn't get too much into the planning though.  The little lady wanted to have an "us" day.  At first she suggested a hike somewhere but I quickly reminded her that we own several bicycles.  Then I suggested a ride, but something fun.

We decided on DuPont again, because we can a) have fun, b) not work too hard, and c) avoid crowds.  I even let Little Miss Sunshine plan the route:

Another goal for me was to keep from getting hurt.  I just had to stay safe.

I always wear a helmet.  I don't always fall on my head though.

I'm still not back in shape (due to minimal riding), so the climbs hurt a little.  It took a long time to get my heart rate under control, but when I did it was awesome.  We weren't in a hurry anyway.  We stopped a bunch to enjoy the ride and to lean our bikes up against stuff.

We took it easy.  Really easy.

One place we just had to visit on our ride was Wintergreen Falls.  And I just had to give a shout out to DeFeet and Lunchbox while I was there.

Like we always do, we decided to hike up to the top of the falls.  It's usually pretty peaceful, and most importantly, devoid of people.

Not this time.

Ugh.  Not what we wanted.  However, I understand that other people like to have fun too, and it's not our own personal waterfall.    Plus, I'm pretty sure that those people found out about the sweet butterfly habitat that Eastwood discovered once upon a time.  (Go ahead, click the link.  I'll wait.)

So yeah, butterflies.

We got the hell out of there, and away from people.  More alone time, more riding, and more fun.  We ended on a good note like always, riding down Ridgeline...

The day didn't end there.  Beer at The Hub followed by a big fat meal, and we had another one of those fun days.

Just like every day should be.

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