Monday, September 19, 2016

River of Grass

I'm continuing on with our vacation...

Lunchbox and I had a great time riding the trail that started it all, and we hit the road made it to the swamp just in time for a beautiful sunset.  So of course, we woke up down there the next day.  We had a full agenda, which would consist mostly of enjoying some natural Florida with little to no other people around.

We started on the edge of The Everglades...

We got a private tour on an airboat, and Lunchbox was pleased.

It was really nice though.

Instead of just riding around, we were taken to an old Seminole camp that had been there for over one hundred years.

We walked around for a while and spotted some baby alligators.

And close by we found momma.

I'd been there before, so our guide waited at the airboat for us to return.  That's when I noticed how cool it was that we were out in the middle of nowhere,

We hopped back on the boat and took another ride.  It may be just useless swamp to you, but it's home to me.  I love it out there.

After our tour, we hopped into the truck and headed deeper into The Everglades.  We ended up in the sleepy little town of Ochopee, at the smallest Post Office in the United States.

Lunchbox wasn't as tall as the bottom of the sign the last time he was there.

It wasn't about the Post Office though.  We were in search of something far more interesting.


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