Thursday, August 3, 2017

On The Road To Vacation

Wow, three days in one week.  I'm not sure why, but...

Who Give A Shit.  I'm trying to make a regular habit of this (again) I guess.

I'm here to tell you that I'm leaving.  The man child and I area heading out on another adventure starting a little later today...

See?  I got my trip planned out and everything.

Actually, we're heading up to Washington, D.C. for a little while on our yearly Mancation.  Last year we went down to the swamps of Florida, but D.C. is our usual destination.  You know, history, family, and all that stuff.  Anyway, I'll be back doing this thing sometime later next week and hopefully I'll have a few things to write about (we are bringing bikes.)

So until then, I'll leave you with something.

Remember when I was almost too late to beg you to buy some socks?  Well, I wasn't and it worked.  Thank y'all so much for the support of my son and my favorite cycling company, DeFeet.  My desperate sounding (sorta) blog post got a few more sales and we well exceeded the goal.  For those of you that ordered, go wait by the mailbox.  Your Lunchbox socks will be here any day now.

Moving on, I'm gonna ask you to buy shit once again.  Not out of desperation though.  And they are socks of course...

Tacos?  You betcha.

Finally, us mountain bike folks are getting what we want.  No snobby stripes or plain ol' roadie style socks this time.  Nope, cool stuff.  Like tacos.  Who TF doesn't like tacos?  Just about every mountain biker I know goes out for Mexican food after a ride, so this sock is appropriate AF.  Pair it up with a cold beer and your post ride refreshments are complete.

Want some?  Yes, you do.  Go here:

Click that link.  It's easy.

At the time I'm posting this, they are sitting at 40% funded with plenty of time left.  So, no begging from me.


And while you're there, check out the other projects they have going on.  You might find something else you like.  

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