Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I’ve been taking chances on some of my rides with first aid lately. Now that I am a certified Bike Patroller, I always feel like it’s my obligation to bring along my giant bag o’ first aid crap on every ride, even when I’m not patrolling. I once heard that with great power comes great responsibility or something like that. Damn you Uncle Ben! So now that I volunteer my services for the safety and well-being of trail users, I feel like I am always on duty. I guess I am, since I have this medical training and stuff. I will always lend a hand, even when I am not actively performing my duties as a patroller. I’m just here to help.

So, what’s the purpose of this rant? None really I guess. Don’t we all just ramble once in a while? What was I talking about? Uhhhh, first aid! I said Monday that Lunchbox and I went to the mountains for a ride, but I left out part of the story (as usual.) Again, I didn’t bring along my first aid bag for the ride, but it was in my truck in case we needed it later. There are park rangers all around to help, so who needs my measly little first aid kit?

Well, it turns out that I needed it, albeit not for anything serious. Lunchbox had a small encounter with the sharp pins on his Crank Brothers pedals, so he had a few gashes on his leg. It wasn’t serious, so we waited until we finished our ride and I cleaned him up. He didn’t even want a band-aid. I guess he wanted to show off his injury. That’s my boy!

After this highly complicated medical procedure was completed, I spoke to the patient. I told him, “Be careful. This could get infected and you could lose your leg.” I offered to amputate it right there on the spot to save him the trouble (and costly medical bills from “real” doctors.) He declined, which I imagine was a wise decision. I’ll save the power tools for another time I guess. He was happy that I saved his leg, and he was ready to walk on out of there. Me too. I’m not a doctor, geez.

All smiles after his boo-boo.

So yeah, I guess I take a chance every time I ride without first aid on my back. That doesn’t mean I’m not willing to help. I’ll do what I can. If you’re out on the trail and you see me without my first aid junk, don’t worry. I always have some kind of knife. And that my friends, will fix anything. A wise man once said, “Scars are tattoos with better stories.” I can probably give you a few scars if you want. Let me know.

DISCLAMER: I got stuck working most of the night last night doing a phone system upgrade. While my posts are usually full of mindless babble, this one may have been worse (or better depending on your point of view.) I got home in the wee hours of the morning, and I had only about 3 hours of sleep. By reading today’s post, you will be suffering as I am. Luckily, I have the day off today. I may just take Goose out for some “alone time.” Maybe I should just go back to bed.

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