Friday, January 27, 2012

Back In Action

Photo credit: Alex Hawn

I’m ready. Well, sort of. After trying my best to get the old rusty knee back to normal, I think I can go out and race on Sunday. I’ve been riding a little, but nothing difficult or extreme. I’ve been working on powering up climbs to strengthen my legs, and it seems to be okay now. My bike fitness on the other hand, probably isn’t. I was afraid to do anything that would knock me off the healing train, so my rides have been of minimal effort.

I’ll probably look like this out there on Sunday:

Another photo by Alex

At least I had a cheering section. I damn sure needed it.

For those of you that are gunning for me in the next race, have at it. I’ll give it my best, and barring any further injury I may just be able to keep up. My fitness has taken a small hit, but it wasn’t that good to begin with. Come on out and give me a run for my money. I’ll try to make you work for it. I’m not promising anything, but you have been warned.

So yeah, it’s race weekend once again. If my knee holds up during the first race, then I’ll definitely line up in the single speed class again. I’ll need all the training I can get, because the real season starts in a little over a month. I’ll ramp up my training and try to get lots and lots of miles in. I’ll see if I can get Mr. Ryde and Big Tater to join me on the Uwharrie trails for some “training.” I bet I can get them to show up if I bring some beer.

Speaking of beer, I tasted a small sample of my new IPA (that’s still in the fermenter by the way.) While it’s nowhere near ready to consume, it does have some characteristics of beer. It’s definitely hoppy and bitter, and it just might turn out okay. I estimate that I still have about four days or so left in the fermentation process, at which time I’ll take another sample and go from there. I can’t wait to try my new IPA. If you actually know me (not just on the Internets), then you may get a sample of your very own. That is if it comes out alright.

See y’all Monday with a race report or something that resembles one.

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