Monday, January 23, 2012

I’m Afraid There’s Not Much To Tell

As much as I want to give you a great story about a great race at the Winter Short Track, it ain’t gonna happen today. I did pretty well last week, so I guess the pressure was on to keep it up. Quite a few new people jumped into my category in yesterday’s race, and coupled with a wet trail from a shitload of rain the pressure was turned up even more. None of that shit really affected me though. Something else happened that was much, much worse.

The race started, and I wanted to get my ass in the woods first. I took off from the line, and I felt my right knee pop. As I rounded the corner to head to the singletrack, I was in a lot of pain. It hurt like hell when I stood up on the pedals, so I had to sit and spin. At that point I wasn’t about to catch the three or four guys ahead of me, and I even let two more go by. As bad as I wanted to sprint my way to a big gap, it wasn’t happening.

I was okay as long as I didn’t stand up and mash, so I knew I would be okay on the downhill stuff. The trail was a little sloppy, but manageable. I had Mr. Ryde hot on my wheel though, and I had to lose him somehow.

All photos by Lunchbox.

It didn’t take long before he caught up and passed me. After climbing out in the smallest gear possible, I was falling way behind. I let him go, and hoped that my knee would feel better so I could get back in the race. I stuck to the plan, which was to go as fast as I could on the downhill, and try to spin up the climbs until I felt better. I started passing some people, but they weren’t in my class.

Every lap made things worse. I couldn’t seem to pick up any speed, and I nearly got passed by more people in my class. One thing for sure, I wasn’t gonna let Big Tater catch me.

Big Tater (with his 65 pound bike) was back there somewhere, and I was afraid he would creep up on me in my weakened condition. I rode as fast as I could, and hoped that I could last through the race. Mr. Ryde wasn’t that far ahead anyway.

I wanted to go faster, but it wasn’t happening. My knee wasn’t getting any better (why would it), so I just held on to whatever I had and continued to enjoy the downhills.

When the call came for one lap to go, I was on my way out of the trail. I pushed as hard as I could without standing up, and managed to make it out with out totally destroying my knee. I ended up in 8th place, which I guess wasn’t so bad.

Was it worth it?

I dunno.

I guess I’ll have to see how my knee feels. So far it’s shitty.

When I hobbled around after my race, I noticed that one of my teammates was getting ready for his race.

Would I get to go up against him in my second race?

You probably already know the answer to that. See you tomorrow.


Bit Tater said...

Had fun cruising behind you and being lapped by mrryde! 65 pounds of pure adrenaline

Anonymous said...

Shitter dude

Clyde S Dale said...

Big Tater! Love it... reminds me of this...;_ylt=A0oG7nXjcx1PPFQACaBXNyoA?p=ron+white+tater&fr=yfp-t-701&fr2=piv-web

Hope the knee is better.
See you next week.... ugh!

TheMutt said...

Yup, if you show up on here enough you get a nickname. Big Tater fits the bill, although I can't take the credit for making it up.

Thanks to Robbie for Billy's new moniker. (you will probably get a name too eventually.)

Mr. Ryde said...

That sucks dude. There was no way I would have caught you if your knee wasn't borked. I didn't have the best day out there yesterday either, but there is always next week. Lapping Big Tater was a highlight though :)