Monday, December 14, 2015

It’s Been a While

I haven’t had much time to blog, and to be quite honest I really haven’t had anything worthy of sharing (not that it’s stopped me before.)  I’m still having a little knee issue, and even though my injury is improving it’s taking a long time.  So, that means I haven’t been riding much.  I wanted to change that this past weekend.

I was trying to do a fun urban/cruising ride down in Myrtle Beach on Saturday, but working late Friday night meant that I didn’t really have the time to drive down to stay with our Charleston friends (where Little Miss Sunshine was waiting.)  She talked me out of trying to drive down to meet everyone at 9:30 a.m. in Myrtle Beach, so after sleeping in a little Saturday morning I woke up with nothing to do.

I didn’t feel like heading to the hills (alone since I no haz friends), so I started going over local options.  I limited it to really close trails, but I didn’t want to be bored to death.  I almost settled on Sherman Branch, but then I remembered Rocky River Trail.

Technically challenging, tough climbs, and the ability to make the ride as short or as long as you want.  That was perfect for the ride I thought I wanted.  Plus, being alone meant that I could stop and take pictures whenever I want.  Like when I see critters.

You have goat to be kidding me.

Since I hadn’t been riding much lately, the climbs were HARD.  My knee felt good though, so I just pushed through the pain in my lungs and my barely used leg muscles.  Luckily, there are downhills.

With every downhill, there seemed to be a climb.  Despite the sign reminding me that I had a choice of places to ride, I didn’t regret my decision.

One of the neatest features out there is the viaduct, which aside from being fun to ride is pretty amazing to see.

It wasn’t all fun and games though.  Towards the end of the ride, I was pooped.   On one of the final climbs when I stood up to mash, my wheel slipped out from underneath me and I took a tumble.


I’d rather be out on my bike, so even though I busted my ass it was much better than just sitting on my ass.

And the crash wasn’t so bad.  Nothing was broken (me or the bike.)  With one climb to go, I was feeling like I made the right choice.  Nearing the top, I recognized a foul stench that nearly made me gag.  As I started to look around for a dead animal, I spotted something hanging on a tree.

I feel ya, my deer friend.

It was nice to be out.  Maybe I’ll do it again.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Far Away

Well, far enough.  Rather than participate in that shitty shopping ritual called “Black Friday”, I wanted to get as far away from shopping stuff as I could (without driving all day.)  Luckily, the Dirty Party Cycle hit me up a few days before and suggested that we take a trip to Uwharrie…

That seemed like a great idea.  The trails there don’t get a ton of use and there’s not much around in the way of shopping.  I was excite.

While not the “real” mountains, it’s still the mountains damn it.  A few tough climbs, some rad downhills, and views that make you think that you might be “way up there.”

We didn’t stop much for photos, and even though he offered, the DPC didn’t taker any shots of me.  I got one of him though.

There’s been a lot of logging out there recently though.  I was concerned at first, but it looks like they aren’t really impacting the trails.  Still, we stopped to chat with a local driver about what they’ve been up to out there.

The trails were in awesome shape too (that’s always a plus.)  My friend and “sorta” local all around good guy Chris Green had been there to clear the trails of leaves and debris recently (including once after our ride.)  The trails don’t take care of themselves, you know.

It was a great day.  You know, because we weren’t out there fighting people to get a “deal” on a shitty TV.  It was nice to be outside and not inside spending money.  Well, scratch that.  We did spend a little money…

Just on beer and Mexican food though.

Totally worth it, and no crowds.

Tis the season to ride.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Long Weekend

So, I finally started a new job (I need money for bikes and guitars) and it’s going quite well.  It’s actually what I’d been hoping to find when I took the last one (that turned out to be bullshit.)  Anyway, with the new job comes time off already, and I’m good with that.  Even though Thanksgiving isn’t really my thing, having days off to play is my thing.  Instead of gathering around the table and putting up with “thankful” long-lost family members, the little lady and I took off for a little ride near the house.

You know, at that rad trail we built called RTS…

It was pretty damn awesome.

Little Miss Sunshine was all smiles, and it was one of the most beautiful days we’ve had around here in a while.

 Since this trail is hand built, it’s full of rocks and roots.  You know, fun stuff. 

You don’t “race” at RTS.  It will kick your ass even though it’s not “epic” in terms of mileage.

Plus, fun and all that.

 With a long holiday weekend, riding near the house was a perfect way to kick it off.  I’ve been in a really good mood lately, no doubt because my career situation has changed for the better.

And of course, I haz days off to play.

Moar riding coming up tomorrow…