Friday, August 16, 2019

Someone Left The Lights On...

And I don't know who's paying the bill but screw it...  I figured I would come back here to see what happens.

It's been a long time.  Same old excuse:  I was busy at work.  A really cool job turned into really long hours and lots of traveling, which meant little time for bikes and no time (or motivation) to talk about anything on here.   I changed jobs back in December of last year and now I'm pretty much stress free.  No more travel and no more long hours.  So after contemplating it for a long time, here I am... again.

This place has always been like my diary.  Do you young fuckers even know what that is?  Look it up.  I'll wait.  Once upon a time, I was here just about every weekday, coming up with shit to write without putting a whole lot of thought into it.  I would sit down in the morning, stare at a blank screen, and words would just come out.  I once thought that the easiest posts would be race recaps, but the truth is it was the days when I had nothing to say that I would come up with the best(?) posts.

I mean, everyone was reading this on the toilet so it passed the time, no matter how shitty it was.  Pun intended?  Who gives a shit.  Okay, maybe that one was intentional.

So the burning question is...  Do you still ride bikes?  Why yes, yes I do.  I've been posting pictures out on the "popular" social media sites because blogs are ded AF.  I never really cared about that though.  When I started blogging, it was like my personal diary (see statement above if you still don't know what that is.)  Then when I started racing a whole bunch, it turned into race recaps, shameless self promotion, and promoting companies that supported me while I did bike stuff.

Racing is pretty much dead to me.  I'm uh, "retired."  Remember?  After the finishing first overall in my class in the 2015 Southern Classic Series, I attempted to do it again in 2016 before "officially retiring."  I did the first race in the series that year, but then a couple of health problems (high blood pressure, broken ribs) kept me from doing anymore races in the series.  After a lengthy recovery I suited back up at the end of 2016 for an endurance race and got on the podium... one last time.  That was my last "competitive" race.

I've still been doing one race a year, the 12 Hours of Santos.  I'm not really racing it though.  It's more like my annual escape from the cold, since here in North Carolina it's usually freezing and riding in Florida is a welcome change.  These days I just end up doing a few laps and enjoying some beer with friends.

But yeah, I'm still riding.  In fact, I'm riding more than ever.  Just by myself for the most part.  I sorta checked out of the bike scene for a while, for reasons which I'm sure I'll discuss in more detail later.

For now, I'm back.  Back to what?  The bike?  Drinking beer?  Blogging?  Two of those for sure, a definite maybe on the third.  If I don't write another post in the next few weeks I guess we'll all know the answer.

I think it feels good to be back again... again.