Friday, April 12, 2013

A Whole Lotta Roadie Action

For some reason, my weekend won’t be full of fat tire goodness.  During the initial planning stages of a Saturday ride at BYT, I got a call from our local race promoter asking for help.  Since I’m all qualified in first aid and junk like that, I was asked to provide my services for the 40th Annual Dilworth Criterium.

It’s a pretty cool event to watch, and I’ve even volunteered there in the past.  I didn’t plan on being there this year, but I’m all about helping out the local cycling scene.  It should be a good time, and hopefully I won’t be too busy patching people up when they crash.

Because yes, they do crash.

Since I can’t seem to get enough roadie action, the crew and I will be heading to Uptown Charlotte (the middle of the city for all you non-locals) to watch yet another criterium…

This event is pretty cool, even if you don’t care much for roadies.  Everyone who’s anyone in the local cycling scene will be there watching, including quite a few out-of-towners.  I even heard that D-Wayne might be coming down this way.  I’ll buy him an RC Cola and a Moon Pie if he does indeed show up.

We’ll drink beer, heckle the pros, and socialize our collective asses off.  And if there are any crashes, I won’t have to fix anyone.

Since my Saturday will be full of cycling stuff without much actual riding, I’ll try my best to make up for it on Sunday.  There is a volunteer appreciation event up at Lake Norman State Park, which will celebrate the “Grand Opening” of the latest section of trail.  While it’s not my favorite place to ride, I’ll most likely be there.  I mean, that place is fun and all, but I’m a little bored with super-fast, buffed out racetrack style trails.  Perhaps I can still enjoy myself somehow.  You know, because I’ll be on my bike.

Plans made, but they can always change.  One thing is for sure…I’ll be back here next week to tell you all about it.

In other news, it looks like the UCI listened to me(and everyone else) and decided to make a change...for now.

Um, yeah.

Have a good weekend.

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