Friday, June 28, 2013

An Unexpected Change

Remember when I worked to try to stop the creaking on the Falcon and its pesky EBB?

Well, it did stop, but only for about five minutes.  I went through all the recommended steps to keep that thing from making noise, and no matter what I did it just sounded horrible.  During a ride early Saturday morning, I almost quit early because I couldn’t stand the noise.  I’d had enough, so I decided to pay a visit to Mark at The Cycle Path to see if he had any tricks up his sleeve.

We took it apart to see what was going on.

After taking some careful measurements and even trying a brand new EBB to check the fit, it was decided that the old style bottom bracket had ovalized the shell.

There was nothing I could do.

I was told that it should be a warranty issue, so word was sent to Niner to see what could be done.  I found out yesterday that they will indeed warranty the frame, so a new one is on the way.  I really like my raw One9 and how not fancy it is, so when I had to pick a new frame I went with the least flashy one.

My other choices included the most hideous color ever, orange (sorry TomTom), so picking the “licorice” color was a no-brainer.  For once, I’m not really that excited about getting a new bike, but at least I can be excited that it will be quiet when I ride it.  I am really happy that Niner is taking care of me though.  It's a far better experience than the last bike brand I represented for sure.

So yeah, I guess that means there will be a post about a new bike build in the near future.  Don’t worry, I’m sure it won’t be that exciting.

You know what else isn’t that exciting?  I’m probably gonna race tomorrow.

Cross country.  With gears.

Oh joy.

Race report Monday if I do.

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eastwood said...

Beer during the build.... don't forget the beer during the build.