Thursday, June 20, 2013

I’ll Make It Simple

Okay, not that simple. 

Back when I mentioned that I had a decision to make, I think most of you knew where this was heading.  I did, and that’s why I made some preparations in advance. 

A package showed up da udda day from Canada.

Yeah, it says Misfit Psycles on it, but I wasn’t sure what to expect. 

Was it some smuggled Tim Hortons coffee? 

A handwritten invitation to join Cap’t Dicks SourToe Cocktail Club?

Whatever it is, it looks like Customs tried to sneak a peek.

Actually, it was a couple of odds and ends I needed to convert my geared bike to a single speed.  Yeah, I said it.  Y’all knew it was coming, and obviously I did too.  That’s why I had Peter send me some genuine Canadian single speed conversion parts.

Space age aluminum spacers and a couple of half-links so I can find the “magic gear” instead of using a tensioner.  I’m ready to get this party started, but I’m not sure when it will take place.  I’m actually considering one more geared cross country race as a proper send off, but of course I’ll get into that another time.  But, the plan is to get those damn gears off very soon.  I’ll let you know.

Also in the package, I received a sticker that reminded me of the fate of that once glorious cycling company to our north.


And since I like stickers so much, I took the liberty to “alter” my bikes to help me get through the tough times.



Oh, I will.

So yeah, the circle is now complete.  It is my destiny to go full on to the dark side.

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