Friday, February 21, 2014

Fun Friday (Sorta)

Business first.

I got e-mails, comments, texts, and even phone calls after yesterday's post. I appreciate it. If I had feels I would feel them. I write whatever I feel like writing, and I realize that yesterday's post came off a little sad and whiny. That wasn't my intent, although I guess I was pretty sad and whiny (maybe I missed my nap or something.)  It's not about racing or how that guy is faster than me or takes it more serious than I do. I think it's a matter of me not having the passion to even ride my bike anymore, and that's why I was concerned. I won't give it up. I'm sure I still like it, but I need to find a way to get inspired again. I was just burned out I guess.

Most of the advice I got was right in line with how I see things happening. I'm not making a decision now though. In fact, I'm not making a decision at all. I'm gonna just let shit happen. I'll ride my bike and have fun. If that means doing some races, then so be it. If that means becoming a professional heckler, then I'm good with that. I understand that there can be a balance between racing, training, and fun, and even one between riding on the road and on the mountain bike.

I still love all those dirt roadies, I really do (I'm friends with a lot of 'em). When it's all said and done, we all ride bikes. That's good enough for me, but it doesn't mean that I'll stop making fun of people. I make fun of myself, so why should I take it easy on anyone else?

Let's all stop being so damn serious about bicycles and get back to the fun.

Maybe you like training your ass off, but there's probably a better way.  This looks fun:

Let's go have a good time, shall we? I'm off to get ready for the grande finale of the Winter Short Track Series. We have to make this last one a party that won't be soon forgotten.

See, I'm already heading in the right direction. Bring on the fun.


Anonymous said...

Advoccat sez: Fun will be at Coldwater Mountain weekend of March 21-23. Mark and I are likely headed down early to get a day of riding in Thursday the 20. This new stuff will put a smile on anybody's face. We can mix in some bike advocacy and good times with the SORBA crew as well. Your Jax crew likely to be there ...

Join us?

Anonymous said...

SORBA Jax will be there next month, I'm really looking forward to it.