Friday, May 15, 2015

Fun Friday

We made it again.  That’s good, because I really thought that I’d have to visit a doctor soon to get a prescription…

It’s been a really long week too.  Well, I guess it would be more accurate to describe it as “moving slow.”  You see, some changes are coming (nothing to do with bikes) and these things can’t get here fast enough.  I have a bunch of stuff to accomplish in the next week or so. 

I should probably make a list so I won’t forget.

Wow, so corny today.  Srsly doe, I’m really happy that it’s Friday.  Also, I’m really happy with what’s going on behind the scenes around here (to be revealed later of course.)  I feel like a cross between a wookie and a dog.

That’s enough I guess.  I have a race this weekend over there across them hills.  I am getting ready the best way I know how.

Most likely a race report on Monday.  Have a great weekend y’all.

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