Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Almost Too Late

Since I haven't been around here much, I just about missed a prime blogging opportunity.  I've been slacking, to say the least.  Anyway, it involves my favorite cycling company...

DeFeet International

Despite the lack of blogging, I'm still riding and repping their awesome socks but sometimes it feels like I'm the only one doing it on the mountain biking side (except for Sonya of course.)  Anyway, I digress.  What was the almost missed opportunity?

It has something to do with this guy:

And the fact that he has his own sock design....

Because he's so popular around our local bike scene (and down on the coast too), the folks out there in the hills that pay attention decided to let him come out with his own socks.  The description on the page pretty much says it all...

If you’re looking at this sock then you know who the talented young man is already. For everyone else we will share a little of the back story. As a long time DeFeet family friend, we’ve watched this kid become a man and are lucky to call him one of our own. He’s a local Charlotte artist and mountain biker. A big “kid” known for racing in crazy costumes, eating tons of food and bringing fun to local trails.
The Lunchbox sock embodies the spirit of the Charlotte cycling scene – well, the not so serious part anyway.

Does that sound kinda familiar?  Probably because I had to come up with most of it.  Wait, don't they have a marketing person?  Um, yeah. *

Anyway, Lunchbox and I (plus all of our friends) have been doing all the legwork to get these produced.  With no promotion whatsoever from the company's crack marketing team (save a FB share or two from the Chief Sockologist who shouldn't be the only one there doing such things), we've managed to get these over one hundred percent funded.  I guess that's a pretty big accomplishment, but I wish we'd had a little more help.  It's crowdfunding, so they have to know they will be able to sell a certain amount before they produce them.  And these made the cut because we all worked hard to make it happen (yes, you too.)

Why am I still talking about it then?  Because I want to give everyone one more chance to grab a pair of these limited addition socks.  If you're a local, then you know Lunchbox.  You've cheered for his races.  He might have taught your kids to ride the local trails.  Hell, you probably made it through more than a few local races because he was cheering for you in a crazy costume or some shit like that.  He's helped build a lot of the trails you ride, and yes, he still rides too.  He doesn't care about making connections with people in the industry just to look fancy or seem important, because he's as real as it gets.  He's grown up around cycling, and now he designs the best socks in the world.

These in particular are just that much better because they have his face on them (even if it is a funny one.)

They are limited edition so once these are made, that's it.

You have one day left, so click the link below to order yours today:


And HUGE thanks to those of you that helped make this successful.  You're not only supporting a local artist and a great young man, but a great cycling company that's based right here in North Carolina.

*I'm not bashing anyone.  Just calling it like it is.  

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