Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Got Skillz

"Ever take it over any sweet jumps?"

This picture cracks me up. No, it’s not me. I’ve been over the bars before, but never in such a hilarious fashion. I’m smart enough to let go so I can fly through the air at the greatest of ease. Sure, I can ride, and I’m not too bad at it either. My riding ability has improved greatly ever since I acquired Goose. Experience plays into my increased skill level of course, but the bike helps a lot. My bike may not cost as much as yours, but price has little to do with the quality of my Diamondback. I am convinced that they make great bicycles, especially for the price. It looks like this post might be a lovefest for Diamondback. Oh joy.

"Me likey my bikey."

Some time ago, I mentioned that I ride a Diamondback Sortie 3. I absolutely love this bike. While I was describing the origin of the name “Goose”, I also asked, “What the hell is a Knuclebox.” Well, the good people over at Diamondback put together a video that was shown at Interbike in Las Vegas this year. It explains the Knucklebox suspension design very well. I suggest you watch it.

Knuckle Box Fundamentals 2010 from Paul Giarratano on Vimeo.

I hope you weren’t bored to death. I wasn’t, but I know everyone isn’t as in love with their bicycle like I am. Weird. Anyway, I wanted to share a little nugget of information with my viewers so you can all be edumacated on the inner workings of my bicycle’s suspension design. Again, I’m not whoring myself out to sponsors here. Wait, maybe I am. Maybe I’ll get lucky and Diamondback will send me something as a token of their affection. (Pretty please?)

Okay, so now that I have most likely lost your attention, please come back. Test ride a Diamondback and you will see what I mean. You get more bike for your buck, trust me. Wait, did I lose you again? Quit being stubborn and try something new, will ya? It worked for me.

Speaking of something new, tomorrow is the day for Lunchbox to try something new. Although he is a “mountain biker”, he hasn’t really ridden his bike in the mountains. Our local trails have challenging terrain, but nothing too crazy. Tomorrow morning we are rising yet again at the crack of dark to head up to Wilkesboro, North Carolina to hit the fabulous Kerr Scott Trail System, or Dark Mountain as most people refer to it. I took the day off of work (Lunchbox has a school holiday) so we can head up when bike traffic won’t be so heavy. Depending on what time we head out the door, I may not get on here to post anything, so you will probably have to wait until Monday for any further discussions on the happenings at B-43. I have a busy bicycling weekend ahead, so there will be plenty to talk about next week. Stay tuned (or logged in.) See ya.


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