Friday, January 29, 2010

Final Preparations

Although I covered my visit to Cane Creek Cycling Components yesterday, I failed to mention that I actually acquired the parts I need to finish my headset installation. I was hoping to get a few of those fancy anodized headset spacers, and I did. Jason was kind enough to hook me up with some, in fact it was way more than I needed (unless I want to continue riding that fork with the super-long steerer tube.) So, last night I took little inventory before I got started.

The photos don’t do them justice. I grabbed Goose for a little more mechanicin’ (don’t worry, it won’t hurt.) I first took a moment to survey the current configuration.

I think I might be happy with the stem height, so I planned on using the same amount of spacers. Little did I know that I had two giant spacers that would do the job of four of the old ones. Now my shit won’t look like an accordion anymore.

They went on with ease, and they matched the color of my bike, which is a plus if you like aesthetics. Now I just need to ride the thing a little bit to determine if the steerer tube can be cut to the length I desire. If not, I have plenty of leftover spacers to jack it back up.

I guess this isn’t a full-on mechanic’s lesson, since this is a job that is very simple. If you want more details regarding headset maintenance and such, then you should check out the Cane Creek website. They have some videos on there to help you, or to satisfy your curiosity.

Headset Installation

Adjusting Your Headset

Headset Maintenance

Alright, now that the tech tips section is done, welcome back. I also need to mention the cool new addition to the B-43 shop. Is it cooler than a beer fridge, you ask? Well, that depends on how much you like beer I guess. The folks at Cane Creek were kind enough to let me sneak out of there with a nice banner to hang up in the shop. Now I can advertise to my neighbors and bike buddies about the great company that is Cane Creek. Booya!

This weekend is race number three in the 2010 Winter Short Track Series, and it is looking like it will be more interesting than the last two. We are under a Winter Storm Watch for our area, so the trails could be frozen and covered in snow and ice. I guess I will have to seriously think about switching my tires for this one. I will check the conditions on Saturday and figure that one out. There is also the possibility I could ride my full squish bike, Goose for this one. Come back Monday to find out what happened. You know you want to.

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