Friday, January 8, 2010

Time For Some Booty

Okay, I’m not really talking about pirates or their vast amounts of plundered treasure, am I? Nope, I’m talking about another kind of booty. A 24 hour booty party, if you will, complete with food, drinks, and tons of people. Are you still with me? Well, check this out:

Okay, okay, not that kind of booty either. Please, let me explain. Yesterday I mentioned that I might try to squeeze in some roadie action during my ever-so-busy upcoming race season. Well, instead of trying to be a pretend roadie racer, I was hoping to do some more charity-type roadie rides, similar to the Tour de Tots ride I did back in September. I wasn’t actively looking for another ride per se, but I think one may have found me. You see, da udda day I received an e-mail from the corporate big-wigs at my place of employment telling me about the 24 Hours of Booty here in Charlotte. My employer has a team for the event, and I am seriously considering it. When I mentioned it to Little Miss Sunshine, she also showed some interest. What is the 24 Hours of Booty? Well, if you are too lazy to click on the two previous links I just gave you, then you’re in luck. I “borrowed” a paragraph from the official site:

24 Hours of Booty is the official 24-hour ride of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, which brings cyclists of all abilities together to raise vital funds for cancer research and survivorship. The event unites people who are passionate about fighting cancer. By benefiting both The Lance Armstrong Foundation and local, life-changing beneficiaries, the 24 Hours of Booty experience represents hope, challenge, remembrance and celebration.

While the riding is not exclusively “roadie” in nature, I would most likely ride my road bike. There are all kinds of people on all kinds of bikes though, doing their part to raise money for various organizations for cancer reasearch. A lot of people have their own stories of how they were personally touched by cancer and whatnot, but the ride is much bigger than that. I am thinking of doing this just for the cause of course, and also to help promote cycling in our local community. I think it would be a great experience. The problem is, I haven’t really decided for sure if I want to do it, and registration is filling up fast. The event is not until July, and that is one reason why I am having such a hard time committing to it. It’s difficult to plan something that far ahead, at least for me. Stay tuned and you’ll have my final answer next week.

"I need your final answer now, numbnuts!"

As far as this weekend goes, I have nothing (riding-wise) set in stone yet. It’s going to be colder than Santa’s underbritches the next few days, so what ever I do I will probably freeze to death. I have a little work to do on the Greatest Short Track Bike on Earth, but I can do that in the warm confines of the B-43 Shop. I have a new stem that should be here today when I get home, and I also need to change the fork to one that actually works. I’m hoping to get that done so that I can actually ride the thing before the 2010 Winter Short Track Series kicks off next weekend. I’m not used to riding a hardtail (let alone one with v-brakes), so I had better get to riding it…and soon.

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