Friday, September 7, 2012

It Doesn’t Feel Like Friday

Because this week hit me like a ton of bricks.

With the Democratic National Convention wrapping up here in Charlotte, my job has been pretty crazy.  Although I work just outside of the “restricted area” at a local hospital, we’ve been doing a lot of “get shit ready just in case” type stuff.  It basically translated into a bunch of needless meetings, redundant work, and other associated bullshit.  Am I complaining?  Actually, no.  This week as been pretty good as far as getting to and from work.  With most of the people that would normally drive to the city every day working from home , I’ve dealt with a lot less traffic.  While the work has been busy, the commuting has been relatively stress-free.  At least that gathering of politicians has benefitted me a little bit.  Hell, I even got to see the Presidential motorcade last night on my way to the Tarheel Trailblazers meeting.  

Photo cred:  Charlotte Observer

That was cool I guess.

Now that I have two days off, it’s time to cram those days full of shit to do.  Tomorrow morning, Lunchbox, Little Miss Sunshine, and I are meeting the Dirt Divas at Fisher Farm in nearby Davidson for another one of their Skills Clinics.  Lunchbox and I are going as “Dirt Dudes”, which basically means we’ll help the ladies (and other dudes I suppose) with the features out there on the trail.  It’s always a lot of fun, and I’m pretty happy that we’re going.  This is the last one of the year, so I don’t want to miss out.

Sunday, Lunchbox and I will be returning to Fisher Farm for more two-wheeled fun.  This time though, it’s for a bike demo.  The Niner demo truck is rolling into town once again.  While I don’t really need to test out any new bikes, I wanted to stop by to visit and give a little love to Niner since I’m now riding one of their bikes.  Plus, I might get Lunchbox out on one of those full squishy bikes to see if he likes it.  Hell, I’ll probably get on one too.

So yeah, it’s another busy weekend.  Weather permitting; I should get some good mileage in.  If not, I have a whole lot of trail to build.

I’d rather be riding though.  

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