Friday, September 21, 2012

Sleepless In Charlotte

Things just keep on getting busier, even though I’m supposed to be enjoying all this free time.  Although I’m not racing this weekend, there is a race.  The 2nd Annual Cackalacky 500 starts tomorrow night, and I’ll be there.

I thought about entering this one, but since I volunteered last year as a Bike Patroller the promoter contacted me about doing it again.  So instead of suffering for eight hours and twenty minutes in the dark at Lake Norman State Park, I’ll get to ride the trails at a leisurely pace, provide first aid assistance (hopefully not), and heckle the participants.  While it does sound fun and all, I’m not really looking forward to staying up all night like I did last year.  I’m getting too old for that shit.

I have a plan though.

I'll take a lap when the racers go out, and if everything is quiet then I’ll sneak off somewhere and take a nap.  I’ll make sure everyone can get in touch with me in case of an emergency, but I don’t plan on making my whereabouts known.  The locals there like to mess with the sleeping folks, and I’m not about to become a victim.  I don’t plan on sleeping all night though, instead having a short nap to maintain my freshness.  Yeah, I said freshness.

As long as I’m not busy patching people up all night, I’ll try to get in a bunch of miles along with some beauty rest.  When the race ends at sunrise, I’ll eat some breakfast and make the hour long drive home.  Hopefully when I arrive at my domicile in the wee hours of the morning I won’t need another nap.

With two “free” days coming up, I really thought that I would get in a few good rides.  It looks like I’ll cram that all in overnight on Saturday, but it’s all the same I guess.  It’s for a good cause (the race is a fundraiser for the Tarheel Trailblazers), and it will be a lot of fun to get in a night ride for the first time this season.  It’s been a while, so I hope that I don’t have any problems (especially with all the issues I’ve been having lately.)

It’s not that bad, is it?

Night riding ain't like dusting crops, farm boy. Without precise calculations we could fly right through a star or bounce too close to a supernova, and that'd end your trip real quick, wouldn't it?

I have a bad feeling about this.

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