Friday, February 5, 2016

Fun Friday

Sorry. I skipped one more day than I wanted.  I know, who gives a shit.  You see, I haven't been feeling well.  I had this stupid sinus thingy a few weeks ago, thought I had it beat, and then it came back with a vengeance.  It was actually pretty shitty for a while.

I tried to sit here and write something, but I just couldn't.  I kept making mistakes that I couldn't seem to fix no matter how hard I tried.

I broke down and went to the doctor, and after a shitload of antibiotics I'm feeling better.  Not that I have anything against biotics.  Whatever.  I was in a haze, so it's nice to be back in real life.

This weekend, I haz plans (what else is new, I know.)  Sunday, we'll be back at the Short Track races again.  And no, I'm not racing.  That would be disastrous at this point.

I guess that's still a win.  Anyway, we're planning to party (and heckle) again, so if you're gonna be out there then you'd better get your feelz ready.  We'll be ready.

And yeah, I'm planning to ride this weekend to (if I feel up to it.)  I'm going on another hunt for Bigfoot.

Hopefully he doesn't find me first. See y'all Monday.

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