Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Spring Is Right Around The Corner


With one last punch from Old Man Winter, it looks like nice weather is on the way.  I don't mind the cold too much, but I'm looking forward to longer days and more comfortable weather.  I plan to be outside a lot more (duh), so Spring really gets me excited. It's not just about the weather though.

You see, the new DeFeet Spring line up was just released, and I'm always stoked to see what's new for my feet.  One sock in particular has already caught my eye...
The Aireator Team, with a sexy stripe in the middle, looks pretty rad.  It comes in a multitude of colors, so it will match pretty much anything you wear when you ride (you know you like things to coordinate.)  While I don't have any just yet, I plan to get just about every color they make so I'm ready for any outfit.

While the sock above is sort of a conservative (yet sexy) design, there are a few new ones in the collection that break the mold of traditional cycling socks.  While I am indeed excited about "crazy sock designs", I'm more excited about the fact that I know the person behind the designs.


My friend Matt has been doing some pretty rad work out there in the hills, and I've been proud to wear socks that he's designed (Hi Matt.)  I've talked about him before, but now there's someone else I can be proud of.  I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before, but my big ol' kid Lunchbox is DeFeet's newest graphic designer.  He's been doing some cool things, and now his hard work has paid off.

He has three new socks in the Spring line up.  And of course I am a proud Dad.  The first one, while not really crazy, is pretty damn American.
The Levitator Trail is definitely my go to sock for mountain biking.  In fact, it was made for it.  And while my kid isn't in charge of writing the descriptions, this part says that it was made just for me:

"This is the cutting edge Enduro sock."

I must haz. I will haz.  Soon.

The next two designs totally make sense. If you know my kid (either in person or from reading about him here), you know that he's a big dude and likes to eat.  So it's no surprise that he designed some socks based on food items.

Those two (Pizza Party top, Dazed Donut bottom) are the Aireator style, a great one for all day comfort on any kind of bike.  And the Hi Viz colors will make sure you stand out in the crowd.  He's pretty proud that his designs made the final cut, and I obviously am too.  In fact, I'm proud of all my people out there at DeFeet for making the best socks in the industry, right here in North Carolina.

Support me, support my kid, support my friends, and most importantly, support a local cycling company that actually gives a crap about quality and what it means to be Made in the USA.

Hurry, go buy some:

DeFeet Spring 2016 Collection  

Tell 'em that I sent you, and just they might know who I am.

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