Thursday, May 5, 2016

I Miss The Mountains

I'm trying not to whine too much about being hurt.  Really.  But it's really a shitty time not to be on my bike.  I miss mountain biking, but I really miss biking in the mountains.  I thought that just catching a glimpse of them thar hills would be enough to make me happy...

I had to head for the hills today for work, and it was nice to see such a nice view from my windshield.  Sure, I wished I was heading up there to ride.  It will be a long time before that happens, unless I really want to have broken ribs for the rest of the summer.  News flash: I don't.

I headed for the hills with mixed emotions, being happy about seeing the beautiful mountains and sad that I couldn't ride them.  To cheer myself up, I grabbed some treats and headed over to see my friends at DeFeet for a bit.  Being around other cycling folks was rure to make my day.

And I hoped to make theirs with doughnuts.

Of course, they let me right in the door (they always do actually.)  I chatted with my friends there and forgot about my shitty mood.  And it also helped that I got to visit my kid.

Lunchbox hard at "work" in his office.

It's nice that I get to travel a little bit for work, and even better that I get to keep my industry insider status along the way.  DeFeet has been down for me for quite a while now, so any chance I get to give back just seems like the right thing to do.

Plus, it makes me feel better.  Not "back on the bike" better, but close enough for now.

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