Wednesday, August 17, 2016

New Adventure

During my first full day in Chattanooga I worked hard.  I managed to get out at a decent time and headed over for a ride on an unfamiliar trail.  I had a map and plenty of daylight so I wasn't worried.  I changed my clothes in the parking lot and prepared for an adventure.

I hit the trail with no idea what I was in for.  I'd heard that part of Tennessee was rocky as shit and very technical.  After rolling for a few miles I wondered if that was really true.

Still, it was fun.  I was flying down the hills and making easy work of the short climbs.  The scenery wasn't bad either.

I was riding well, but careless.  Well, oblivious to what my bike was trying to tell me.  The rear end was washing out a little bit but I paid it no mind.  After I hit a rock drop with too much force I had no choice but to listen to my bike.

I tried to use the co2 I had in my Awesome Strap, but they were both empty.  I'd forgotten about the last time I had to use them.  Shit.  Luckily, I saw a road crossing a while back and headed back to it.  My tire wasn't completely flat so I took the road back while keeping my weight off of the rear end of the bike.

I got back to the parking lot and used my air pump to get back to the proper air pressure.  I grabbed my spare co2 and took the road back to where I left off.  Then it was back to not-so-technical (but fun) riding.

And the views were pretty rad...

I eventually finished my ride, but not without further issue.  My tire was getting flat again.

I made it out, so luckily I would have a chance to find out why my rear tire kept losing air.  That would wait until later though because I required a post ride beer.  My search from the night before yielded great results, and one of those was on the way back to my hotel.

And when I got there I found out that they were bike friendly.

Moccasin Bend Brewing Company made me feel welcome the moment I walked in the door.  You know, because bicycles...

After being greeted by the owner's dog, I bellied up to the bar and ordered their finest ale.  It was good for sure, but the best part was the fact that the bartender was playing his guitar between customers.

Bikes, dogs, beer, and guitars.  That place had it all.  As for me, it was another awesome day.  Sure, I ad a small bike issue, but I got to ride some pretty awesome trail and enjoy some local beer.

Not bad for a business trip.

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