Friday, April 14, 2017

Fun Friday

I think that today is a holiday for most people.  I guess that's why traffic was light this morning on my commute to the office.  I'm "working" today, but there isn't much going on.  So I'm here.  With you (maybe.)  Who gives a shit.

Since traffic here might be light too, I'll get this shit over with.

How about we have some fun with current events?

Too soon?  Nope.  Let's pour salt on the wound...

Hey, I'm not here to provide the "news."  I just like to laugh at funny things.

Anyway, I have a few days off so I'm gonna enjoy my time away.  Since it's not cold outside anymore, I have no reason to sit around drinking and eating (and getting fat.)  I'll make sure to keep it that way too.

Still, I may end up going out to eat.  Hopefully I find the right place...

Actually, I plan to head up to the hills (finally.)  It's Spring and the mountain are calling.  Like Lunchbox recently told me though, Spring sucks.  He says it's when the creatures are most active and ready to start some shit.

I agree.

I'll still have fun unless i get eaten by a bear or some other critter that just woke up.

See y'all next week sometime.

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