Monday, August 17, 2009

All is well...

So, we have established the fact that I don't really have a set time to blog, nor do I keep a specific schedule. Whenever I get to it, I suppose. I have enough regimented shit in my life, so I don't need anymore schedules, etc. I'll call this a weekend recap, I guess.

Okay, Friday was a hell day at work. I stayed busy all day, and I barely had time to wipe my own ass (I did though, so no funny smells here.) When I got home, all I wanted was a good meal and a good beer. Little Miss Sunshine and I went to Texas Roadhouse, and I ordered the biggest steak I could find. Topped it off with a couple of big glasses of Blue Moon, so I was a happy camper (or restaurant patron I guess.) Went home, and went to bed.

Saturday morning started pretty early, since the cats and dogs don't like to go hungry. After the critters were sacrificed, er, I mean fed, I grabbed the road machine and headed out the door. I initially intended to ride Uptown and back from my house, but my plans were soon thwarted. I headed out on Mallard Creek Church Road, and turned right on Tryon, heading towards Uptown Charlotte. I made it as far as City Boulevard before I decided that I would not make it to my destination. No, I had plenty of energy. It was because I feared for my life. I quickly learned that Tryon is not a very bicycle-friendly road. Next time I'll do a little more research before trying to ride into the city. Anyway, I turned on City, and passed the new IKEA store headed towards parts unknown. I made a series of random turns and such, and I actually ended up on a nice route. Some of my ride took me to Sugar Creek Road, which was nice since it gets a little country when you go north of I-85. On the way back from the Huntersville area, I finally found out what it's like to draft on a road bike. I caught up to a couple of roadies cranking for dear life, so I settled in behind them. I was amazed at how easily I recovered, and how little effort it took to keep up. I figured I would play human-bicycle slingshot, so I shifted gears, and took off. They attempted to keep up, but I guess I had too much mo. He he. This roadie shit is pretty fun, as long as you don't take it too seriously. So, I meandered my way back towards the house, where Little Miss Sunshine was waiting, along with a few tasks to complete before we left for the airport.

The silly roadie action was entertaining, but the real reason I felt so great today was because Isaiah was boarding a plane from Orlando, just as I was heading to the Charlotte Airport to pick him up. Aside from a short trip to FL last month where I only spent one day with him, it's been seven long weeks (for both of us.) Since he's an unaccompanied minor on USAirways, he had to be the last one off the plane. That shit took forever. Finally though, the Lunchbox arrives back in NC. We made our way to the house, and he enjoyed some pets, his room, and his new computer, among other things. He was just glad to have everything back to normal, and so were we.

Sunday morning, Isaiah was ready for the standard breakfast at the Original Pancake House. We arrived at 7:00 a.m. sharp to beat the crowd, and commenced to consuming large amounts of pancakes. Mmmmmmmm. Back to the house, The Lunchbox was ready for some singletrack action. I suggested we head out to the U.S. National Whitewater Center for some new green trail action. He enjoyed it, and so did I. All is well...

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Brian said...

Good looking kid. That Whitewater place sounds fun.