Thursday, April 15, 2010

Looking Ahead

Since I mentioned the upcoming Charlotte Mountain Bike Summer Series, I started looking ahead on my race calendar. It appears as if there is another six hour race in my immediate future. The Grind On The Greenway is Saturday, May 8th down in Fort Mill, SC. While I usually work as a volunteer for this race, this time I’ll be “competing.”

I actually enjoy doing the volunteer part of these bigger events, but it will be nice to actually be out on the race course as a participant this time. Little Miss Sunshine and Lunchbox will be on hand to volunteer though, so things will run smoothly. I always liked mingling with the racers before and after the big events, but I always felt a little funny not racing in them. I usually provided first aid and mechanical assistance on the trail though, along with photos and encouragement. Lunchbox actually takes better photos though, so he will be happy to have that job back. I guess my days of being a cheerleader are over for now too.

Next week, I have a visit scheduled with some really cool people (cycling people of course), but I won’t spill the beans just yet. Let’s just say that it should be very interesting, and hopefully I can get some good blog material from it. I’ll be taking LMS and LB along as well. Lunchbox hasn’t been there before, but I know he will enjoy it. What? I’m going back somewhere I’ve already visited? Yes, but you’ll have to figure it out on your own, or wait until next week for the report.

In other news, my neighbor, friend, and all-around funny guy The Chili Man has joined the blogosphere. Yes folks, he’s decided to tell the world all about what the world tells him. Even though he’s just getting started, I see a lot of potential for laugh-your-ass-off reading material. I’ve heard quite a few of his stories, and now you can too. You should be warned though; it can be a little edgy, since he hears all kinds of shit during his tours of duty. I try to keep it somewhat tame around here, but he is going all out. I like his style.

Check it:
Vic’s Bitch and Pitch

See y’all back here tomorrow for my weekend preview. Peace out.