Tuesday, October 11, 2011

From A Certain Point Of View

Things can be different. While going through the footage from my GoPro that I captured at FATS, I started seeing the same old shit. A little front tire, the trail in front of me, and lots of yawning from boredom. While riding through the woods on a bike is hella fun, it’s not always fun to see it on camera. At one point on our ride I moved my camera to the seatpost, and aimed it backwards towards my rear tire. When I did it I told Lunchbox that I didn’t think that it would turn out worth a shit, but I tried it anyway. I was pleasantly surprised when I actually saw it.

So, here is yet another video from the Forks Area Trail System. The beginning is the usual stuff, with Lunchbox jumping in front of me at one point. A little over halfway through though, I switched it up with the footage from my rear-facing camera. I really liked it.

Not too bad, I guess. I think that in the future I will try using different vantage points with the camera. I have a shitload of different mounting possibilities, so my aim is to try them all. You get to suffer through it all. Good for you, right?

As far as the ride went, I already told you that it was awesome. Originally I had planned to bring along my singlespeed, but at the last minute I grabbed my geared bike. I think I did it because I have much nicer parts on it than the singlespeed, which makes me enjoy the ride more. As far as the gears go though, I probably didn’t need them. I ended up staying in the same gear the whole time, which ended up being 32X18. I guess I’m really hooked on the singlespeed fad for sure now. I guess I should start planning on my next set of wheels (singlespeed specific, of course.) George, are you ready to build some?

On a more positive note, I did ride my singlespeed on a local trail last night. I loved it. The same, boring trail has been made new again by taking my gears away. It’s amazing how the simple things make everything all new and shiny again.

By the way, I won’t be here tomorrow. I have to get up at the crack of dark to head to Winston-Salem for work, and I don’t see myself getting up extra early to post up on here. See y’all Thursday.

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