Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Work. Ride. Repeat.

In addition to skipping a race, riding the coolest of local trails, and catching up on my beauty sleep, I did some trail work over the weekend.  While there were a few organized work days through our club, we decided to go rogue.  And no, this is not another story about Captain Jim Bob’s Space Adventure.

We have another secret trail.

This one is a little further from the house, but it has a lot more potential.  The Space Adventure work will go on, but that trail was never meant to be anything big.  The new trail however, will be.  There is a ton of unused land nearby, and TomTom has been flagging trail like a mad man.  Lunchbox and I decided to go out there to get some rad singletrack put in.

Child labor laws?  Pffft.  He’s sixteen so that makes it okay.

This place has it all:  rocks, drops, natural berms, and plenty of elevation change.  We’ve built a small amount of rideable trail so far, and I’m getting really excited.  I can get there in about 10 minutes (by bike) from my house, and the purpose of this new trail is for us to have a place to ride when everything else is closed.  We put in a lot of work on Saturday, almost doubling the amount of trail that TomTom put in on his own.  After a hard days work, we decided to “test the flow.”

It didn’t stop there though.  Sunday morning we were back at it again.  This time, we used a natural dirt mound to make a nice roll in for a long downhill section.

That downhill led us to a ditch/gully thingy, which was perfect for some “Warrior Creek-style” berm action.  After digging in that small gorge for about an hour, it was time to test it out.

Work, test ride, repeat.  We would go back to touch things up a bit each time to make it mo betta.

This shit is gonna be so rad.

We’ll share it with you locals as soon as we get a decent amount of mileage put in, so it’s not a wasted trip.

Stay tuned.

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