Monday, June 2, 2014

All Work?

No. I played quite a bit this weekend too. In fact, I did so much the last two days that I don't really think I can fit it all in one post. Well, that and it's Monday which means I'll take the easy way out.

Yesterday, after a full weekend of stuff (details tomorrow), I headed over to meet up with TomTom and Eastwood at RTS. That's our local, all-weather trail that we've been building in case you don't remember. When I got there Eastwood took me on the grand tour to show me the newest loop under construction.

As usual, we found some weird shit out there in the woods. Like this shallow grave.

Soon, Good Guy Greg rolled up on the scene and we got to work quickly.

This new section is gonna be pretty rad. It's full of climbs, a couple of fun downhills, and even some rocks here and there. It's off of an existing route, and in addition to adding some more mileage, it will add some more fun. We busted our asses out there getting the trail roughed in and eventually had to call it a day. That little piece of woods is magical, and I'd almost forgotten how much potential it has. There's still so much to do, and hopefully we can get out there a little more regular to get 'er done.

Besides, I think there might be a Bigfoot out there.  I'd like to find him.

See? Scratching up the tress and shit. We'll find you, Sasquatch.

Tune in tomorrow for more fun, or as you know it, “Not entertaining enough blog post to read but I have a few minutes to spare on the toilet.”


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