Thursday, March 5, 2015

I Guess I’m Done

Getting away for a last minute trip to Saint Augustine was a great idea.  It was a lot of driving though, but we crammed a lot of stuff into the short time we were there.  Although I have no desire to move back there, I do miss Florida sometimes.  Mostly it’s the history I grew up learning, and the outdoors.  It's a different kind of pretty down there.

When I moved to North Carolina eight years ago, I had no intention of visiting Florida so much.  The last few years I’ve been there quite a bit though, and in the future it will be more of the same just to get my fix.  Although it’s not home anymore, I like the feeling I get when I go back there.  I think I even miss the dumb stuff down there sometimes.

But, NC is my home now and I’m not changing that.  The riding up here is awesome, plus we have seasons (including this shitty one right now.)  It was definitely the right move, and now that I’m back home I can start getting back to normal.

What is normal, anyway?

I’m not sure but I’ve missed it.

And I’m pretty sure Carl missed me.

C’mon Friday…

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