Tuesday, March 24, 2015


After my road ride on Saturday, I decided to head down to Rock Hill, SC to watch a little BMX action.

With a world class BMX track (not Helltrack though), I knew it was gonna be a sight to see.  Even when there’s not an event, the locals can play on the pump track just outside the main track.

Looks fun.  Maybe I need another bike.

It was a beautiful day to be outside, and after getting my miles in for the day I was happy to just watch.  Of course I took moar photos.

I watched a lot of good racing, even though honestly I had no idea who most of those people were.  Aside from watching, I spent most of my time at the DeFeet tent.

I’ve said it before, but they use recycled material to make these socks.  You know, from stuff like water bottles.  So, this photo is sort of a before and after…

And Mandy, the best DeFeet rep around, was busy pimping out socks to the BMX crowd, a lot of whom thought maybe they were just for road cycling.  That thinking changed quickly though, since the tent was constantly flocked with riders gawking at the cool designs, with many of them walking away with their first pair (and vowing to get more.)   

I was amazed at the crowds and their reactions, but a lot of it had to do with Mandy and her approach.

“Oh yeah, these socks are awesome.  See?”

She practices what she preaches, along with her family (also in attendance.)  They all wear (and ride in) DeFeet socks, so it’s easy to see how passionate they are.  In addition to being great people, they are definitely great ambassadors.  The brand has been opened up to a whole new market, which is never a bad thing.

You see?  I’m not the only one that thinks these socks are the cat’s ass.

Of course I’m not.

So yeah, what an awesome day.  You know, because any day that involves bikes can never be a bad thing.

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