Friday, September 25, 2015

Fun Friday

Is it safe to come out now?

Well, I’m making the best of it.  Working my ass off and such, but in the meantime trying to do anything I can to keep this shit show going.  It’s Friday after all, so I figured I could at least come up with some funny stuff to share before the weekend.

Well, that and I’m trying to to be in a bad mood and all that.

I don’t really need that book.  Not because I’m not a dick (I am sometimes), but mostly because in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter.

So yeah, enough with the pity party.  I’m here to make laughs and all that happy horseshit.

So here, have a laugh:

Enough?  Nope?  Okay, one more.

There you go.  Have a great weekend.

Hopefully I’ll see y’all Monday, and maybe I'll get to talk about some rad shit that went on.

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