Thursday, February 16, 2017

Travelin' Man

I've suddenly found myself busy as shit.  I'm currently on the first on two road trips this week.  I had to take off to Myrtle Beach yesterday morning to do some work at a customer site, and it's been anything but fun.

I know, beach and all that.  Meh.  I haven't seen the beach yet and I probably won't either.  I have a little more to do here today, and then I get to go back to Charlotte.

Luckily though, I got to enjoy my time here a little bit last night.

Beer at a local watering hole.  And they love 'Merica.  Big thanks  to Mr. Coop for pointing me in the right direction

Trip number two starts tomorrow.  I've got something big coming up this weekend.  Hell, I've even been training for it by riding in the swamp.

This Saturday, I'll be "racing" at the 12 Hours of Santos.  I'm heading down to my home state tomorrow and coming home on Sunday.  You probably already know that I do this event every year.  I look forward to it not only because it's warmer down there in Florida, but because it's one of the most fun events I can put ton my calendar.

I am excite.  Mostly because I have some new cycling attire just for this.  You see, in the past few years it's become a little "douche-y" down there with all the super dirt roadies coming in to be all serious and shit.  Instead of being upset about it (because dirt roadies are people too), I want to embrace the spirit of my home state and stay true to my redneck roots.

My goal this year is to have a really fun time. That's it.  I will accomplish that goal.

See y'all next week some time, with my first "race" report of the year.

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