Monday, November 10, 2014

Many Rides Happened

I just wasn’t on any of them. 

The weekend disappeared as fast as it got here.  I got word on Friday about a trip to The Pisgah on Saturday, but I was sorta feeling under the weather.  It wasn’t Ebola (I’m pretty sure), but it wasn’t serious either.  I’d just received a (required) flu shot at my place of employment and it left me feeling a little bit iffy, especially for a trip to the hills.  So, I got some much needed rest. 

The next day I had some other, non bike-related shit to take care of.  Boring stuff, like maintenance on my truck and Lunchbox’s car, which took up the whole day and left zero time for riding.    It did leave time for a nice fire out back with the little lady.

Sunday morning I had to uh, work.  Well, I didn’t have to, but I volunteered my services at the Niner demo out at the whitewater park because I wanted to feel useful. 

As soon as I got there, it was busy.  Setting up work stands and things, getting bikes in order for riders, and making sure people got out on a fun ride.  It was work, but fun.  I got to socialize quite a bit, and I even saw the biggest Stan’s booger ever.

I did bring my bike, hoping I would get to ride sometime.

A bunch of people showed up for a group ride, but I didn’t feel that it was appropriate to leave in the middle of my volunteer shift to go ride.  Once the demo ended, we packed everything up and I headed back towards home.  Even without a ride, I had a good day talking to people, working on bikes, and spending a nice day outside. 

And the best part (which is a little fuzzy) was that the night may or may not have ended at a local watering hole seeing the “sights.”

I won’t name names, but stories were told and fun was had.

A short weekend that went by too fast. 

In other news, blog posting over the next two weeks will be spotty at best.  I’m off tomorrow for Veterans Day (since I am in fact a veteran), but I’ll be back Wednesday and Thursday.  I’m off on Friday and a few days next week too.  More on that when I come back on Wednesday.

Did you get all that?

Good.  See you soon.

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