Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Bring In The New

Usually I try to do some sort of “Year in Review” type post on the last day of each year.  This year, I’m not really feeling it. My year was fun in some ways, and eye-opening in others.  I went from being totally burned out on the bike to being ready to go all in again.  I’ve started “training” a little bit, and there’s been a new focus on the things I want to do next season.

 It’s something like that.

Also, I’m no longer gonna worry about what I do and whether or not anyone has a better (or worse) opinion about me.  You haz feelings?  Who gives a shit.

I borrowed that book from Dicky

If you really wanna read about what I did (or didn’t) do this year, you can click on the links to each and every post I’ve made.  Lazy for me, easy for you.  Again, who gives a shit.

In other news, a few new things have happened around here at the B-43 Worldwide Headquarters.  The best one is that Little Miss Sunshine is now in the drooper club:

She will test ride her new setup tomorrow, and hopefully she digs it.  I know having one has been a difference maker for me on the bike, so much that I’m considering getting another one.  She seems pretty excited to be one of the cool kids now, and I’m pretty happy for her too.

A ride report is coming soon.

Hopefully this is a short day for you.  Go get drunk and stupid tonight, so you’ll forget about all the bad shit you did all year.  Just don’t get in a car and drive yourself home.  I’ll need someone to read all my crap and nonsense next year.

Happy New Year and all that.  I’ll see y’all back here on Monday.

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