Monday, January 5, 2015

All In

It’s a new year.  Well, it’s a few days old, but whatever.  I’m not the type of person that makes resolutions, because quite frankly people that do that don’t usually stick to them.  However, I did make a promise to myself that I would ride more and get myself ready for the upcoming season.

I’m not sure what the “season” entails just yet, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have shit to do.

With rainy weather around here (again) I wondered if I would be able to get my ass out in the dirt.  I needed some alone time too.  I decided to head eats of here to the “little” mountains, Uwharrie.  It’s a fun place, and perfect for a ride all by my lonesome.  I dressed sorta warm, and when I started to get my shit together I grabbed my CamelBak to prepare for all day hydration.  I found a little surprise.

A Deviant Dales that I had forgotten about?  So rad.

I left it in my pack and took off.  I started off too cold, and quickly became too warm on the first set of climbs.  Once I headed downhill for a spell I cooled off again.  This is the part where I mention that my feet stayed the perfect temperature, thanks to DeFeet:

It was quite the adventure.  I climbed, descended, and had a great time.  I saw a few people here and there, but rode all by myself the entire day.  For being so close to Charlotte and riding in the old (and small) mountains , the views sorta reminded me of being in the “real” mountains.

Not my resolution (I don’t make those, remember?), but I got to ride in the dirt on the first day of the year.  The goal is to put many, many miles in on several of my bikes this year, and have fun in the process.  Maybe that means I have to be a little more serious?

I dunno.

I’ll ride, have fun, and make sure I don’t get burned out over dumb shit.

Happy New Year and all that.

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