Friday, February 3, 2017

Fun Friday

I skipped a lot of days this week.  Well, most of them actually.  Who gives a shit.  I've been busy with work, which I guess is a good thing.  I like my job and all that, and I'm pretty good at it.  Sometimes though, I can't handle work responsibilities and trying to squeeze in this blog.

I'm actually doing well with the work thing.  I've been in the same profession for something like twenty six years now (I started young back in my Army days.)  Other than the fact that I may be getting burned out/need a career change/going through a mid-life crisis, I'm handling it quite well.  It's all good I guess.

Maybe we all just need  a little motivation:

I'm not here to complain though, even though I'm probably doing it anyway.  It might be the weekend, but I get to be "on call" for work.  It kinda sucks because I can't really make any plans.  Will I get on my bike over the next few days?  Mebbe.

Hopefully it's not just on this shit though:

It is what it is though.  If that's the only ride I get in, so be it.  I have some other things to do, which mostly involve auto mechanic type stuff.  I'll stay busy, but bike stuff might be at a minimum.  Hopefully I can make it out to the short track for some heckling.  I'll do some work as needed and cram in some fun whenever I can.

That's how we roll around here at B-43.

Oh yeah, it's Fun Friday.  Have a little more funny or some shit like that.

I'll see y'all next week sometime if I have anything fun to talk about.  Or even if I don't

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