Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Heckle Hill

Winter Short Track racing, week two.

After riding my bike down there last weekend, Lunchbox and I decided to actually drive to the event so we could do some proper heckling.  We've been bringing the party out there in the woods for quite a while now, but it hasn't always been that way.

Once upon a time I raced out there:

Sorta serious, because I actually did work hard.

My partner in crime raced too, although not so serious (but still working hard.)

When we finished our races, we'd wander out into the woods to join the party already in progress.  Yup, those same people that heckled the shit outta us.  It was a much needed service, and we were glad to participate.  Over time, those people moved away/on/gave up and we inherited the party at "Heckle Hill" as it's now known.  Eventually we stopped racing that series (and moved on to other races), but we knew the need was still there for quality heckling.

Plus, we'd become quite good at it.

Fast forward to present day (well, this past Sunday.)  Lunchbox dressed in a giant hot dog costume (no pics, sorry), and we brought the party favors.

We might "bring" the party, but just like the old days there are plenty of people that join us (and some are there before we arrive.)  They even bring their own props too, which sometimes amaze the shit outta me.  Instead of creepy baby hand (or creepy baby foot in our case), someone out there brought the whole damn baby.

So rad.

With the people in place, we just sit back and heckle/cheer.

Only the finest beverages for short track racing.

Well, maybe we don't sit back...

Photo cred:  Mike L.

We encourage people out there.  And by encourage I mean that we help them make bad decisions:

Big n' Buttery is learning the ways of the single speeder.  

It's hard work having this much fun.  But, it really is fun.  Since the kid and I raced out there and enjoyed the "encouragement" we got from Heckle Hill, we are more than happy to repay that favor by keeping the party going.

That might not be enough for me though, because I'm actually thinking about "racing" one of these this year before it's all over.  

I hope no one hurts my feelz with their heckles.

Wait.  I no haz feelz.   Bring it.


The Cycle Path said...

If you race I'll let you know "you're what's wrong with mountain biking." :O

Clickyclicky said...

Love being heckled. Keep bringing da party