Thursday, November 4, 2010

Get Yer Popcorn Ready

For what? Well, I made another movie. It’s nothing special, but what the hell is special about the stuff I put on here anyway? I was encouraged by Lunchbox to put together something with the little bit of footage I got from our trip to Bent Creek da udda day. Rather than sit here and complain about the injuries I suffered that day, I thought that making a small movie of our adventure would help me remember how fun the ride was (well, except for the crash at the end.) Unfortunately, I wasn’t running my camera during the crash (the batteries had died), but I still got a little of the downhill action.

I have an old, shitty helmet camera I brought along for the ride, and it doesn’t really do so well on the dimly lit singletrack. Hopefully I’ll get a new one for my upcoming birthday or Christmas. I’ve already asked Santa, so maybe he’ll come through for me. I actually like making movies, so a better camera would certainly help. Anyway, here is a little snippet of video from our trip to Bent Creek”:

I know, it’s kind of crappy (or a lot crappy, whatever.) The quality is horrible, the action isn’t so great, and my camera sucks ass. What do you expect? I mean, I could have had you watch this shit:

Come back tomorrow, and I promise I won’t post anymore crap like this (at least until I get a new camera.) If you don’t come back tomorrow, I’ll send my friend after you:

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