Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Burning Up The Weekend

Moving backwards on my five day weekend, now I’ll talk about what I did on Sunday.  After spending lots of family time on bikes, I decided to head up to Dark Mountain to cheer on (and heckle) the folks that were racing the Burn24.

My first stop in Tent City was to pay a visit to the Dirt Divas team, and drop off some ice on a hot day.  I didn’t let the heat get to me though.

I tried my best to be cool.

Photo cred:  Doc

They were waiting for a teammate to come in from a lap, then the plan was to ride one more.  Instead of letting one go out alone on her last lap, three of them did it together:

While they were out on the course, I made my rounds to talk to pretty much everyone I could find out there, and it was cool to hear the stories from their individual races.  When it came time for the ladies to get out of the woods, I made my way to the trail exit to get a few photos.

It was really fun to hang out at a race that I didn’t race, and I enjoyed talking to everyone out there.  I even ran into D-Wayne, who promptly offered me a beer.  I politely declined and he wondered what the hell was wrong with me.

Well, I didn’t go up there just to spectate.  I wanted to get in a ride of my own, so I took my single speed to the nearby Overmountain Victory Trail for a little alone time.

It was my first time there on the SS, and I loved it.  Other than a few hikers, I pretty much had the trail to myself.  It was just what I needed for sure.

Big thanks to the Dirt Divas for letting me hang out with them.  They rocked it out there.

I’ll keep working my way through last weekend’s adventures (backwards of course.) 

See y’all tomorrow. 

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