Wednesday, January 22, 2014

After The Hills

We were cold, tired, and thirsty after our (cut-short) cold mountain adventure.  Luckily, The Dirty Party Cycle had the lowdown on the beer spot, so after we changed our clothes and warmed up the truck, off we went.  Next stop, Lookout Brewing in nearby Black Mountain, NC

Beer makes up happy.

While you wouldn’t think that cold beer would’ve warmed us up, it did.  That was my first time there, and it definitely won’t be my last.  Small, friendly, and full of great beer, this will probably be the go to spot from now on whenever I’m riding that part of Pisgah.  Not only is the beer good, but you can take some “to go” in one of them there fancy mason jars.

That’s some fine Southern hospitality right there.

And to top it off, they even made some hot chocolate for TomTom (who doesn’t partake in the evils of alcohol.)

Ever had a pint glass full of hot chocolate?  Neither have I.  I heard it was pretty damn good (or at least pretty damn warm.)

What an awesome day.  Sure we were cold, but at least we weren't sitting on our asses all day inside bitching about the weather.  We were out in while we bitched about it, but whatever.  And before you say anything, I know I took two days to write about a one day trip to the mountains. 

Who gives a shit. 

Tomorrow you get to hear about whatever I did or didn’t do the second day of the weekend.

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Craig said...

make that a 3 day post