Thursday, January 9, 2014

It’s Not Time Yet

With the unofficial kickoff to the “season” happening this weekend I’m having second thoughts.  Even though it was a few months ago, it seems like I just finished racing.  And just like that it's on again.  And no, I’m not talking about what everyone else likes to do this time of year:  cyclocross.  I’m talking about the 2014 Winter Short Track Series.

Yeah, it’s that time again.  I’ve pretty much talked myself out of doing it too.  You see, last year during the series I raced in two classes each day (for a total of ten races.)  It was a good way to get my ass in shape no doubt, but towards the end I realized that I just wasn’t having any fun.  During the last race on the last day, I got really mad at the people riding in my class that had no idea how to maneuver a bike through twisty singletrack.  In fact, I got so pissed that I started yelling at people in a not so happy way.  I ended up stopping at my truck for a beer to make things all better.

I guess I just wasn’t having fun.  Racing can be fun sometimes I suppose, but riding in circle with a bunch of dirt roadies had me like a race car in the red.

And I just needed to relax.

This year, I’ll still attend the races.  Lunchbox plans to “race” in a wide assortment of costumes, as do most of my friends (without costumes.)  A few of us will probably find a good spot in the woods, grab a few beers, and heckle the shit outta the people that like going fast this time of year.  That sounds a lot more fun to me.  Plus, I don’t have to skip riding on Saturdays to keep my legs fresh for the Sunday short track action.

I’m a winner already. 

If you’re reading this and you’re racing in the series, be prepared for the shit show from us here at B-43.  You might “win” too.


Tom F. said...

More Waffles Chris?

TheMutt said...

It is a definite possibility