Friday, January 31, 2014

Fun Friday

Is it Friday already? Well Friday, it's nice to meet you.

Yes.  Yes I am.

So other than getting ready for another big party in the woods this weekend, there's not much else going on.

So I must entertain you.

Lunchbox is taking a week off from providing me with funny shit, so I had to dig up my own.  At least it has something to do with bikes.

And because I'm generous, enjoy this video that may or may not make you feel all tingly.

Video cred:  Stolen from Single Speed Steeds of Steel Facepage

Not that you're paying attention to anything else I'm writing after posting that, but that's all I have for today. Tune in next week for a recap of Woods Party Part Three, as well as me asking you to help me decide on a race I kinda want to do.

Ooooohhh, exciting.

And holy shit, George is blogging again.

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