Thursday, July 30, 2015

Get My Head Right

I’ve been on some pretty good pain meds since my visit to the doctor last Friday.  It’s helping me heal for sure, but I still feel all wonky.  Things just look different lately. 

I made a decision last night to stop with the muscle relaxers to see if I could sleep.  It actually worked, which probably means that I’m feeling better.  That’s awesome because even though I don’t take any in the morning, I still feel woozy for the first part of the day after taking one the night before.  I’m trying to get my head right so I can get back on the bike (I know, I just raced a few days ago.)  I have a big weekend coming up and I want to be able to ride without feeling dizzy, thus increasing my chances of crashing and risking further injury. 

Related to this weekend’s activities (which I’ll get into tomorrow), I took a little time to get the Executor ready…

It’s all clean and shiny, ready to get dirty up in some hills.  Since it doesn’t have any of those stupid gears I didn’t really have to adjust anything.  Still, I went over all the moving parts to make sure they uh, moved.  This bike is ready to go.

Me too.  See y’all tomorrow for what?  Fun Friday of course.

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