Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hold On

You thought I was gonna skip the rest of the week until Friday again?  Who gives a shit.

I actually got some new stuff I wanted to mention.  While I don’t care much for the road bike, I do care when stuff wears out.  I ride it quite a bit unfortunately, which means that I will eventually exceed the useful life of some items.  Stupid stuff that you really don’t think about…

Like bar tape.

Luckily, I haz solution.

 Touch it.  Feel it.  Love it.  I lol’d.

Lizard Skins 3.2mm Bar Tape.  It’s thicker than the last stuff I used (also from Lizard Skins of course), and extra white so I can get it extra dirty. 

The tape goes on easy, and it feels softer than a mess of hot buttered biscuits.  I can’t wait to ride on the road test it out.

Up next, I needed new grips for The Executor, my Niner ROS9.  They’ve redesigned my usual “big bike” grips and I was full of excite. 

And yes, even you can get custom text on your bar clamps.  You don’t have to be famous or some shit like that.

My first test ride on these were up in the hills of The “Other” Pisgah, and hot damn they are comfy.  Since I’ve been all racey lately I haven’t been riding the big bike that much.  That will change soon, in fact as soon as this weekend.

Anyway, just a few new things from the fine folks at Lizard Skins.  I’ve been riding with their stuff for quite a while now, and they never disappoint. 

You go buy now.

I go ride now.

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