Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Skills Without The Hills

Aside from watching cover bands and attending pump track opening ceremonies, I wanted to get out on my bike.  Slightly bored of cross country stuff due to all the “racing” I’ve been doing, I wanted to hit something different.  Since the Dirt Divas were having one of their skills clinics at Backyard Trail I thought, “I should go there and help.”

I like riding with the Divas, especially when they need us Dirt Dudes to help out.  There was a really good turnout of Divas (and sweaty dudes.)  We broke up into two groups and hit the trail.

Hubbs is not a Diva.

BYT is definitely my favorite place to ride here in Charlotte.  It’s different than most other trails in the area, and getting to spend time with the ladies to help with their skills is a bonus.  Everyone loves BYT it seems, like those Faster Mustache guys.

We actually saw lots of people out there for fun, but it wasn’t about them.  It was about helping the ladies and showing them a good time out on the trail.

My man Evan took the time to teach the ladies proper jumping techniques…

And they did their best to catch some big air too.

The best thing about BYT is the features, so having a skills clinic there makes sense.  That place is a difficult as you want to make it, and everyone can learn something.

Sandy shows us how to ride the big tree skinny.

It was a fun day, and I felt like it was the best way to spend time on the bike on a warm Saturday morning.  The ladies had fun, no one was (seriously) hurt, and there were smiles all day.

It’s not always about racing.  Sometimes you have to give back.  Yeah, even a selfish sumbitch like me.

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