Thursday, December 12, 2019

Adventure. Excitement. A Jedi craves not these things.

I'm no Jedi.  I'm just a person that signed up for a challenge, and I'm hoping this adventure includes lots of excitement.  See what I did there?

In fact, I signed up for the Cross Florida Individual Time Trial before I fully understood what I was getting myself into. 

It was basically me just talking to myself.  A lot like this...

"Wanna ride a bike across Florida?"

Things haves changed just a bit though since I first posted about doing this "adventure."  Originally, the route was around 250 miles and included a ferry ride across the Saint Johns River.  I was really looking forward to that part, since I've spent time on the river up around there but have never been on the ferry.  Anyway, some hurricane damage from a few years ago still hasn't been completed, so now the route is 300 miles.

Map pic

So, instead of cross the river on a little barge, I get to take a detour up to Palatka and ride across on a big bridge (meant for cars.)  Other than that though, the detour looks pretty fun.  And besides, what's a few more miles?

Who gives a shit.

You can have a perfect bike, be super fit, but something could come along... weather, wildlife, mechanical issues, or some shit that could derail any semblance of a plan you had.  That's where things like this test a person's will and mental state.  That's the main reason I'm doing this.  I wanted to accomplish something incredible (for me).

I hit the road for Florida later today.  I will spend tomorrow getting my vehicle over to the finish on the west coast.  Saturday at sunrise, I roll out of New Smyrna Beach and head west towards the Gulf of Mexico.

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