Friday, August 2, 2013


In an effort to be more “single speedy”, I decided to do something a little different.  But first, I needed a little help. 

Yeah, it’s like that now.  I’m all fancy, like a sir.

Um, wait, that’s not me.  Try this one:

Black and white for effect or some shit like that.

While I’m not really a cycling cap kinda dude (it was a gift from the guys at Good Runnings), I think it goes well with my new moustache.  Dicky says it’s creepy, and I tend to agree with him.  That’s sorta why I did it.

Who gives a shit.

Anyway, me and my new moustache will be arriving in Minnesota two weeks from now for Single Speed USA, and I expect to be much more in tune with my old timey bike technology when I ride.  After all, don’t guys that look like this always do old school shit?

Um, yeah.

Anyway, enough creepy shit.  Looks like I’m headed to the hills tomorrow for some bike riding and beer drinking. 

Full report Monday.


eastwood said...

You kinda need the hat with the mustache, otherwise you'll have to part your hair down the middle... like the old timey fellows you so adore.

1speed said...

That is awesome. You really do need to add the monacle, though. Or better yet, a monacle for each eye.

And if you think you have time between now and SSUSA, you really should try to Van Dyke that goatee ...

Banjopickin said...

When do I collect my $200 for passing GO?

Dwayne said...

You also kinda need a van with no windows with that look, Chester....