Monday, August 5, 2013

Group Effort

Sure, we took a trip up to the hills Saturday.  It was fun and all that, but I’m not getting into it right now.  Something way more important happened over the weekend, so I wanted to share it.

We’ve had a lot of shitty weather here in Charlotte lately.  A more than usual amount of rain has wreaked havoc on our local trails, of which an all volunteer workforce maintains.  Most people that ride around here don’t really do anything other than ride the trails, and they spend the rest of their time bitching about when the trails will open back up.  A few of us, instead of bitching about not being able to ride, go out and get the trails back in tip top shape. 

I’m not alone in this (our club the Tarheel Trailblazers does the building and maintenance around here), and I’m definitely not the hardest working trail volunteer here in town.  However, when a chance came up to do a little work yesterday, I made sure I was there.  A shitload of trees had been knocked down at BYT (Backyard Trail), and a crew of us showed up to get them the hell outta the way.

A few folks cut the downed trees with chainsaws, and the rest of us carried the logs off the trail.  We took some of them and made a new trail feature.

After that, the trail was cleared to ride again.

I’m not important around here as far a trail work goes.  I just put in time on our trails when I can just like everyone else.  Instead of bitching about the trails being in piss poor shape or just riding whenever you feel like it, get off your ass and do a little work.

It will make you feel good.

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Tom F. said...

A-Men Brudda. We spent similar hours at Fisher Farm yesterday de weathering it. There is one place in the meadows where the folks riding on wet trails have created curb and gutter from the ruts.
If I had a chainsaw license from USFS I would work Uwharrie too.